Upcoming *not to scale opening reception

*not to scale is a miniature installations series. The idea for this series came about after The Hown’s Den’s most recent move. Due to restrictions in our renters policy we were unable to invite artist to install work in our home. As a solution we decided to create miniature mock ups of rooms from our house and send them to artists to install work in. We are excited to have the upcoming work from John Burst Sander and Amy De Sitter.  

_place _plateau

An Installation by Caitlin Horsmon March 21st from 4-7pm _place _plateau Being invited to do a show at the Hown’s Den provided me with the opportunity to think about the situation of its exhibition – the places we live. Houses both as architectural forms and lived experiences are texts themselves – in most cases standing longer than the lifespan of any single occupant and having histories written on/in them by both their inhabitants and communities. Exhibiting at the Hown’s Den was an opportunity both to reflect on my own history of habitation and to investigate the histories of the neighborhood in which the exhibition was taking place – to reach out and come to some understanding of this place -Troost Plateau/5624 Lydia St./Crystal, Bobby and Eliot’s house - and [Read more...]


An Installation by Amy Kligman Saturday, January 31st 4-7 pm Interruptions is an exhibition that creates moments of disruption in the domestic living/exhibition space of the Hown's Den. This selection of work is a study in futility, distraction, and the cultural and social connotations of the objects that we live with. .The collection of paintings and objects mimic domestic materials and things but divorce them of their use, acting as unfamiliar substitutes for the familiar. The pieces are integrated fully into the environment of a living room, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom, and are treated as part of their domestic surroundings. Amy Kligman is currently based in Kansas City, MO. She shares a studio and a home with painter Misha Kligman, two cats, a boxer named Hanna, and her son, [Read more...]

Alt. Lecture 10

The Hown's Den is excited to host Alt. Lecture 10 this Tuesday. Tuesday November 17th from 7-9 Alt. Lecture KC pairs a local aesthetic producer with someone from outside the city in order to cultivate creative conversation across state lines. Info about the presenters: Eunice Yoon-Seon Choi is a Boston-based interdisciplinary artist who practices in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Choi received her MFA in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/ Tufts University. Choi has received a number of awards including Artist-in-Residence awards at Prairie Center of the Arts (IL), Vermont Studio Center (VT), Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (NE), PLAYA (OR), and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico. She was featured as an emerging artist in the Boston [Read more...]