*not to scale is a miniature installations series. The idea for this series came about after The Hown’s Den’s most recent move. Due to restrictions in our renters policy we were unable to invite artist to install work in our home. As a solution I decided to create miniature mock ups of rooms from our home and send them to artists to install work in.

We are excited for our second exhibition in this series with the work of John Burt Sanders and Amy DeSitter.

John Burt Sanders

JohnBurtSanders_01 JohnBurtSanders_02 JohnBurtSanders_03 JohnBurtSanders_04 JohnBurtSanders_05 JohnBurtSanders_06 JohnBurtSanders_07


For more work by John Burt Sanders please visit his website indivisibler.com

Amy DeSitter


Amy DeSitter is currently an MFA candidate in the Painting + Drawing department at Ohio University, expecting to graduate in May of 2017. In addition to her studio practice, she works as an instructor of record, offering courses in painting and drawing for the School of Art + Design. DeSitter received her BA from University of Missouri in Kansas City in 2014. Most recently her work has been featured in Kiosk Gallery in Kansas City, as well as the ROY G BIV Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. DeSitter has been volunteering for eight years for the Kansas City Chalk and Walk, a non-profit organization focused on bringing arts education back into the public schools that have made curriculum cuts due to lack of funding.

My work explores identity with regard to experience, memory, and psychology. Through image-making, I craft a lens with which to view myself and investigate interiority. My multi media paintings are comprised of digitally printed microscopy manipulated with various chemicals in a painterly manner and layered with other mediums. This methodology is intended to provide a dual viewpoint—one that takes pertinent personal experiences (from the psyche) that are initially chaotic and inverts them into an optimistic feeling—one that encourages a visual playground, a calm, an internal harmony, a respite.

AmyDeSitter_02 AmyDeSitter_03 AmyDesitter_04 AmyDeSitter_05 AmyDeSitter_06 AmyDeSitter_07 AmyDeSitter_08 AmyDeSitter_09

To view more of Amy DeSiter’s work please visit her website amydesitter.com